Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yakiyama Line - Suimitsu Shoujo (Peach Girl), Part 1

(Cover/links removed thanks to an anonymous whistle-blower/DMCA/Google. Meh, no use arguing with the weather right? Look elsewhere, it's the internet, you'll find it.)

This one's spankin' new from Comiket 75. If you read the other two from Yakiyama Line, you know what to expect.

In case you didn’t, the story is of a creepy older dude raping a young schoolgirl. If either aspect of that offends, this may not be for you. Yakiyama Line seems fairly hit or miss with people (if you're not sure, "Futari Hanabi" is probably a safer one to start with).


kakas said...

thanks, for the relase & if you dont mind would you translated others yakiyama line h-manga "Houkago Estranger (C72)"

sukebe said...

This is awesome.

English Hentai Team said...

Wow. You always choose the best stuff to translate! :)

Jake said...

thank you very much
more power to you

JukanX said...

Issue 2 from C76 here (credit to smekt5 at Erotic Rapture for the link).

Thanks for your translations, as always.

Anonymous said...

hey i have problems to traslated the inono series just put e hentai inono an any browser