Monday, October 27, 2008

Yakiyama Line - Binetsu no Mezame (Awakening a Slight Fever)

(Cover/links removed thanks to an anonymous whistle-blower/DMCA/Google. Meh, no use arguing with the weather right? Look elsewhere, it's the internet, you'll find it.)

Another frequent request, it's "Binetsu no Mezame" from Yakiyama Line. It's just like "Futari Hanabi," so if you liked that you'll like this.

In case don't know what to expect already, this contains rape and young schoolgirls (I'd call it lolicon if the girls weren't drawn so shapely). Also, the artwork and delivery are both pretty solid.

That being said, enjoy.


Oliver said...

It's true that, much more than the previous work by Yakiyama Line, it reeks of rape and unconsented sex. In the previous chapters, it didn't take long to the two girls to thorougly enjoy it.

Hentai mangakas work targetting a niche, a market, and most of the time on recommendation of their editor and of the publisher's choice.

So that means there are sick guys who enjoy to see cute teens raped by ugly old farts ?
The rape part, I don't object, this is almost as popular as incest.
But it's the choice of ugly old farts for sex partners (as in Souma, Izurumi's latest translated works, cf, that really puzzles me o_O

Ero-Otoko said...

Hm... yeah, the old/creepy guy stuff walks a fine line with me. I find it acceptable with Yakiyama Line since as the action picks up the amount of creepy old guy goes down... but in some manga it seems like the opposite it true.

My take on the old guy angle is that since the appeal is already in the grotesque (raping young girls) they figured they'd make make it a little more grotesque (with contrastingly old guys). One might also interpret it as reaching out to an older guy audience, but then I've never seen clean ero-manga with old dude protagonists.

I can't say the old guy angle is really my thing, but I've indulged in a few other manga fetishes that could be called more bizarre ...and I did do Yoruneko just a week earlier ^_^;

Patrick said...

Thanks for you hard work!

Jacob said...

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