Friday, October 3, 2008

Bosshi - Mizugi Kanojyo (Swimsuit Girlfriend) Ch 4, 7-12

"Mizugi Kanojyo" is done (or as done as it's gonna be - see below). Some typos and such were also fixed in the previously posted chapters.

It's pretty awesome. Nice stories, nice characters, nice artwork and with some of the best color pages I’ve seen. Also there's nothing objectionable in it.

Some explanation: "Mizugi Kanojyo" has been a personal favorite of mine since I first read it, but I've never been able to find the full thing translated. Parts of it (and some other stuff from Bosshi) can be found translated and edited quite well by a guy named Yendi. But alas, there’ve been no updates from him since July, so I'm assuming that he's quit translating.

So, I decided to just fill in the gaps. In other words, these are just some of the chapters, not the complete manga. The chapters I didn’t do can be found at Yendi’s Weblog ( I'm numbering the files in the same fashion as Yendi, so there shouldn't be any trouble just decompressing everything into the same folder. Besides, I'm sure some third party will put it all in the same file and post it somewhere, so hopefully a fully translated version of "Mizugi Kanojyo" will exist on the net in the near future.

128 Images, 59mb


KNG said...

Ero-otoko, thanks for the release. Could you include Mizugi Kanojyo 11-12 in a separate zip file since ive previously download the rest of your scanlations


Oliver said...

You've done it : the fastest quality translation of a very high quality hentai manga I ever saw :D

I bow my head in respect to your work, and raise my other head at the idea of reading the final two chapters :)

When you speak of third party, I'm one of these, I shared your translation on my blog. I allowed myself to add custom credits, each picture being named ..._ero_otoko_RULES_..., this way, for change, it won't be in your comments I'll write ero-otoko rules.
Oh wait, damnit, I wrote it ! :D

Once again, thanks a lot for bringing such nice works to the community !


Kevin said...

Thanks, awesome stuff, keep up the great work. Definitely look forward to your next release.

Ero-Otoko said...

Thanks for comments. Geez, you guys are gonna give me a big head (ignore the double entendre). You'll like what's coming next, I think.

@ Kng
...To be honest, I got kinda lazy in some of those middle chapters and made a lot of typos (which I fixed before I packed them all together). So I was hoping everyone wouldn't mind re-downloading them. :)

I kind of regard the individual chapter releases as rough drafts anyhow.

yendi0 said...

Imagine my surprise when I came back from vacation only to find that the entirety of Mizugi Kanojyo had been translated.

I really appreciate the fact that you did such a good job on this, it really does Bosshi's artwork justice.

If you don't mind, I have (tentatively) added your site to the list of links on my blog. Now that I'm back from hiatus, if you're looking to do another compilation of sorts with someone, please don't hesitate to let me know.