Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ishikei - Nyohan Desu Yo

Lately I've found that it's useful to take a break part-way through a tankoubon and translate something else, so here's some Ishikei I scrounged up.

It's give or take up to the standards you'd expect of Ishikei (though no decensoring this time, sorry).

There's some lolicon I suppose, but the action's almost entirely centered around the busty brunette, so I'd imagine that unless flat chests utterly repulse you, you'll find this one well.


10 Images, 5.5mb

Another random discussion topic... I notice that lolicon is a highly vague term. Firstly, it applies to a wide age range (pretty much any underage girl). On the other hand, lolicon is defined more by aesthetics. For example, all that Yakiyama Line stuff with the big-breasted middle school girls generally doesn't qualify as lolicon, but a flat-chested high school girl like in today's translation probably does. In other words, it seems like the heroine has to be both young and flat-chested for it to be lolicon, with the later being the more important characteristic. At least that's the impression I get.

Something about that strikes me a bit odd. I always figured that lolicon (like many fetishes) is centered around the taboo. Yet a flat high school girl is more a "loli" than a stacked middle schooler, even though banging a middle schooler is far more reprehensible. That aside, there's also a ton of more mainstream material with physically mature but still underaged school-kids banging each other, which ends up seeming pretty clean and wholesome (by porn standards). Anyhow, the point is... well, I don't really have a point. I think I just like reading my own words... But, perhaps someone else has something insightful to say, particularly about where one personally draws the line...


kouchoucov said...

It might help if you separate lolicon into two categories, the actual loli's meaning say work by Gorgeous Takarada.

Underage and they look that way too.

And then there are the fake loli's.
Appearance wise they look like a loli, Rukia from Bleach is an example, as is the elder sister from Domin8te Me/Take on Me by Takemura Sesshu.

They appear to be underage, they're flatchested etc etc. But they tend to be old enough to get hitched, if they wanted to do so.

Another such an example would be Rika-chan's House by Amanatsu Makoto. She acts like a little kid, but she's married, and women need to be 16 at least, before they're allowed to get hitched, with parental permission (In Japan).

Now considering that her hubby is some 5 years older than she is, and he's in his late 20s, it's very clear that she's over the age of 16. Doesn't stop the mangaka from having some fun with folks being confused about her actual age though.

As for the big boobed younger gals. You're right about the taboo aspect, and how banging a big boobed middle schooler should be a bigger rush than banging a flatchested high school girl.

Problem is, the Middle Schooler won't look like she's taboo, thus lessening the rush, whereas the flatchested high school girl, even if legal. Well, she looks younger, thus reviving the fantasy of doing a younger gal etc etc.

In short, people are weird. :P

tsurupettan-loev said...

"...contains lolicon..." you say that like it's a bad thing. lol, well in all seriousness no matter how you class loli it's undisputable that youth is attractive (at least to many of us) for one reason or another. Be it the perception of innocence, the fleeting nature of it's aesthetics, whatever... if you find it enjoyable and it isn't hurting or infringing on anyone's right's I don't see why some get so riled up about it. In general it seems the more prudish a country is about the issue the higher the incidence of problems with it is.

I'll end my sleep deprived half baked rant here, probably sound like an idiot right now.

Lector said...

i said it once and i'll say it again are the best Ishikei translator/editor out there. everybody else should be banned from touching his works xD

Oh Gent said...

A subject dear to my heart... don't know if I can contribute.

I would define 'loli' as a youthful girl, I guess. That can encompass age, appearance, behavior. All relative to myself/the characters in the story/the, uh, law...

Big boobed lolis are great too, right? Like, say, Miku the tanuki from the 'Animal Ears' series.

But I'm not discriminating, there's not a line I draw between loli/not loli (well, y'know, there are lines, like TOO young, I'm not a monster), my favorite stories have both. Fuck yeah.

I guess from your position, having to tag it, I would stick to defining it by the age of the characters and text descriptions of pseudololis (like Kei from Take on Me).

Ero-Otoko said...

Thanks for the comments. Quite insightful.

@ kouchoucov - Yeah, people being weird probably sums it up... or should I say, people being illogical? (Sorry... too much Star Trek...)

@ tsurupettan - I quite agree.

@ Lector - *^_^*

@ Gent - Indeed, drawing a line is tough. It seems like one of those things where you usually know it when you see it, but can't quite define it (this is starting to sound like some Socratic dialogue). Oh, and I too like lolis with boobs ^_^.

Sei-jin said...

Could you please re-upload?
I've been on vacation for a while, and didn't have access to this at the time, I'd appreciate it very much.

SadistiX said...

reupload pls!!!

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